In November of 2008, a delegation of U.S. lawyers and guests traveled to Egypt. Our goal was to learn, experience, and exchange ideas with our Egyptian counter-parts.We were fortunate to have met with some of the leading lawyers and political leaders in Egypt. Our delegation exchanged views, ideas, and perspectives with such Egyptian leaders as: Dr. Ahmed Fathi Sorour, Head of the People Assembly and other members of Parliament; Dr. Ahmed Awad Belal, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Cairo University; and Dr. Mohsen Youssef, Director of the Arab Reform Summit at the Library of Alexandria. Our delegation was also privileged to spend time in the Egyptian Museum viewing ancient Egyptian artifacts, as well as visiting the 4,500 year-old Pyramids and the Great Pyramid, which is the only survivor of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.” We also saw the legendary Sphinx and much more. It seemed routine, while we were there, for new archeological discoveries to be unearthed. In the end, we will, of course, remember these great Egyptian treasures, but above all, we will remember the people that we met and their struggles. We will also remember the deep respect they have for Americans and the American legal and constitutional system. We were there during our 2008 Presidential Election and we fortunate, from a historical perspective, to have witnessed the euphoria, which swept Egypt upon them learning the results. We learned that our legal community shares a common bond with the Egyptian legal community. In a small way, we helped to build bridges and understanding between our countries and legal systems.

By: Richard Pena Delegation Leader

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