Richard Pena’s Turkey delegation featured by the State Bar of Texas

Richard Pena was featured in a November article on the State Bar of Texas Blog for his most recent delegation to Turkey. Managing Editor of the Texas Bar Journal Patricia McConnico writes:

Richard Pena has spent a lifetime advocating for the rule of law—in Texas and around the world. Pena, who practices in Austin, just returned to the United States from a trip to Turkey, where he met with lawyers, law professors, law students, and bar association officers to learn about that country’s justice system. The former State Bar president is used to traveling the globe and learning about other cultures while educating others about ours. He was chair of the Leader Advisory Board of the People to People Citizens Ambassador Program, an incarnation of an initiative founded in the fifties based on President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s belief that communicating with other countries can foster peace. He currently is Special Assistant for Legal Program Travel at Academic Travel Abroad. Pena’s first of 16 trips, in 2000, was to China, and since that time, he has lead delegations of legal professionals to places such as Tibet, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Israel, South Africa, Cuba, Russia, India, Brazil, and Turkey. 

For additional information and Richard’s commentary on his delegation to Turkey, please visit the article at the Texas Bar Blog


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