Israel | 2009

In November of 2009, 44 lawyers and guests from America went on an adventure that will long be remembered. We came together from different areas of the country, with different backgrounds and with different viewpoints. We comprised the first legal delegation to visit Israel by People To People Citizen Ambassador Programs. We went to learn and to be part of an international exchange of ideas. At the core of our visit were Rule of Law and legal concepts. We visited with members of the Israel Bar Association, members of the Knesset, law faculty, lawyers, and everyday Israelis. We found out firsthand, what we already suspected, that the region and problems are deep seeded and complex. What we saw firsthand were Arabs and Israelis both on one land, linked by history and sharing decades of pain. At the end of our journey we better understood the region, its complexities, the people and their fears. And consequently, our journey was successful. A special acknowledgment goes to delegate Jan Duran who spent countless hours compiling and editing the submitted articles. And, of course, we should acknowledge the people of the Middle East who welcomed us into their land and who still dream of peace.

BY: Richard Pena

Delegation Leader

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